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Management Accounting

We are specialists in management accounting.

In case you’re wondering, management accounting is all about presenting financial information in a way that helps organisations make better decisions.

Hard to argue against this being the fun side of accounting!


Typically speaking, there’s no ‘rulebook’ for management accounting. One must keep an open mind when developing management accounting products to ensure that they meet stakeholders' needs.


We’ve developed literally 100s of management accounting products, way too many to list here. But here’s a little snapshot:

  • Grants funding models

  • Activity-based costing

  • Outputs-based budgeting

  • Net-present value analysis

  • Cost-benefit analysis

  • Options costing

  • Whole-of-life products and service costing

  • Product pricing

  • ICT service costing


Our custom process ensures that we design and build enduring products, that won’t fall over 2.5 weeks after we’ve left.


We also develop comprehensive manuals and invest huge amounts of effort in knowledge transfer to ensure we aren’t relied upon to ‘drive’ and update the models we build.


We’re so passionate about our work, we’ve even written the guidelines for it. Seriously! Why not check out our management accounting courses on LinkedIn Learning!

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