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Business Intelligence

We are experts in business intelligence.


The term ‘business intelligence’ is often misused, so allow us 1 sentence to clarify things.


Business Intelligence is all how we can harness the value of data (both qualitative and quantitative) to enable organisations to make evidence-based decisions.


Uncovering insights could help companies make critical decisions such as whether or not to outsource a service, to expand or collapse a service line, or perhaps consolidate leased office space.


In general there’s no prescription for business intelligence. And in our experience, getting access to data (especially in the modern world) is the easy part.


Making heads or tails out of the data is where the ‘real’ challenge lies.

  • Which data is going to be relevant?

  • How can I trust its quality?

  • What tools are going to work best for visualising this data?


These are all questions we ask not just of our clients, but of ourselves too! We want our stakeholders (especially managers and decision makers) to trust and get value out of every visualisation.


Our process has been carefully curated to ensure our results are robust and sustainable.


We’ve developed dozens of dashboards for a vast array of subject-matter, using a variety of products.


Our passion for delivery has spilled over into the educational world too. Why not check out our business intelligence courses on LinkedIn Learning!

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